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Fathers, Sons And Golf: Lessons In Honor

Updated: Feb 14

Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. A great example of this celebration is the story of Hideki Matsuyama, winner of the 2021 Masters.

Before the 2021 Masters, many people would have said, "Who is Hideki Matsuyama?" Post the Masters, the answer is simple, Hideki is not only the 2021 Masters winner and rising star in America but one of the biggest stars in Japan.

To his father he is and always will be a son who has bestowed honor on his country and his family. Hideki and his dad display a truly honorable father-son relationship. A son wants to know that the way he is living his life, his interests, schoolwork, hobbies and passions are pleasing to his father.

As a good dad, it is critical for a father to guide his son into right actions and help him live a life centered on serving others. Under the guidance of his dad, Hideki has always played golf with determination and honor since the age of four.

In the town of Matsuyama on the island of Shikoku, where Japan's first male major winner took his first swing at a golf ball, his father has returned the honor and now owns the very driving range that his son learned to play the game on, known as the The Hideki Golf Garden.

Lessons in honor learned from a father and returned to the son. Happy Father's Day!

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