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Short Iron or Long Iron?

Updated: Jan 21

Below are clues to help you decide between hitting a hard shot with a shorter iron or a soft shot with a longer one. Knowing how far you can hit with your irons will enable you to make better decisions as to which to use as you play. On a par 3 you can use an iron to tee off.

A long iron is a 3, 4 and 5. Lowest lofts, longest shafts, designed to hit the farthest (180-260 yards).

Hit the Longer Iron If...

· The hole plays uphill

· The wind is in your face (the length of the club helps to cut through the wind)

Plus, make sure the distance you're hitting at is to the pin, not the center of the green.

A short iron is an 8 or 9. High loft, longest shafts, large mass heads, designed to hit moderate to short distances (130-150 yards), low launch angles.

Hit the Shorter Club If...

· The hole plays downhill

· The wind is at your back

· If you only know the distance to the center, play the shorter club if the pin is in the front of the green.

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